Monday, November 18, 2013

Collection Reflection

In class we have been taking a look at an art form called collecting. So naturally, in the classroom, we have created our own collection. We voted on a color scheme everything had to be and the winner was blue. For me, this seems to show that you never really think about what the color of something is until you're asked about it. When I had to come home and find two blue things I thought it would  be hard but after looking around my house there was a multitude of blue things I never really thought about. Yeah they're blue, so what? Also looking back on it the things that were collected were all old frequently used items. It made me think of the movie Wall-e with all the old stuff that was dead kind of like the people. It seems like people use people like items and when they are done with them they "throw them away". But by collecting them back up again, to me, it seems like we are giving them another chance to be loved, a chance to be seen as a work of art and just feel appreciated. I think that says a lot about the time we live in to, the age of if it doesn't please me get a new one and throw the old one out. A lot of this stuff actually does seem to reflect my own interests. Cleaning, going to the movies, drinking water, ironing, getting called down to the office, bouncy balls, nail polish, and belts are all things I'm very familiar with and can absolutely relate too. The other great thing is that many other people can too and that is whats great about art.

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