Friday, January 24, 2014

Fortune Cookie Book Page Response

"Your future is as boundless as the loft of heaven." I felt that this was the hardest project for  me because I had a very loose plan of action. Also while working on I was glad that I messed it up a little bit because it gave me the idea to add color and I think it adds more depth to the picture. I chose that fortune cookie because I felt like that fortune gave me the most meaning. The ways there was meaning to me was, what will my future turn out to be? Will it be clear? Who will be in it? Who will I have watching over me? And for me I tried to incorporate those questions into my art. The forest with the person sized hole in it is to represent heaven and the future or what could become of it, then I did a transfer of a human to fit that spot as if fitting into the future but still unsure, then put the transfer of the eye in the middle to represent someone always watching over me and I also made the eye deep in rolled back tissue paper and modeling paste to make you look for it because you cant always tell who is watching over you, then I painted the whole piece a dingy pink color because it pops and makes it harder for the eye to choose what to look at, that's also why I put tissue paper in certain spots all around because no one can predict their future so it is not clear. 

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  1. I love how powerful this piece it. It's simple but at the same time it's deep. Really cool :)