Thursday, October 31, 2013

Compare And Contrast

Personally drawing with the graphite pencils was not fun for me. It was very smeary and fuzzy because I erased a lot because I'm a huge perfectionist. The process was not fun, but the pride I felt when it was done was great. I didn't think it was going to look good but for me I'm very proud of it, I just didn't know if I'd be able to pull it off. The color shading however was much easier for me because I am more used to working with colors as a finished product instead of just empty black and white. The shading is also more comfortable because the pencils feel like cleaner movements than the graphite and you can layer multiple colors for your end result. One issue with the colored pencils is that they don sharpen very well.

Candy Jar Drawing

I am not quite finished my candy jar drawing yet. It has been incredibly more fun. I have always been a fan of coloring, it was something that you could do all your own, you choose whatever colors you want, you choose where they go, its great. The candy jar drawing is not exactly that, but it comes very close. The process that has been most effective for me is lots and lots of layering. With the candy jar drawing it is more strict because you have to draw what you see, but shading with color. I think I'm finding the candy jar more fun because color is so much more expressive than a black and white drawing. I think it captures more of the playful soul and the real depth behind the subject matter.

Bike Drawing

I personally express a particular interest in drawing. I cant really tell if I'm good at it or not, especially since I'm my own worst critic. This drawing was very challenging for me. I think I am better at designs/ cartoons than realistic art, especially something as complicated as a bike. My process was honestly going along each piece of the bike and drawing it little by little. For me the shading was the hardest part because I have never needed to shade any drawing correctly before and I had also never been taught how to. Overall I am super pleased with the end product and am extremely proud of myself for drawing the same thing everyday for a long period of time because if i were alone it definitely wouldn't have come out as good as I think it did.