Friday, January 24, 2014

Pop Print Response

This process was probably the least challenging thing we have done this year. The item I chose was a Donald Duck phone case. I chose this item because I thought it was really cute and anything Disney reminds me of my family and my grandfather. It wasn't too hard too draw because it was already in cartoon form and it didn't have any very detailed sections to draw. After drawing a picture on a small piece of paper, you rub the pencil on a small piece of linoleum carving stamp. The imprint of the drawing will show on the carving stamp. Then after bolding the lines on the stamp, you carve out of the it with a tool that comes in skinny to fat sizes. The carving process was not only addicting but it was my favorite part because it is very peaceful and less messy than the printing. The printing was also very fun. There were lots of different colors of ink and paper. The inking process was taking a small rolling pin type device and rolling whatever color ink onto the stamp and stamping an assortment of colored paper. The only process that took a long time was cleaning the ink tray, otherwise it was a speedy and gratifying project because so many different products were able to be made in a short time. 

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