Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Totem Pole Story

     It was a pretty windy day, and when your parents tell you not to do something it almost goes in one ear and out the other. We were just trying to have some fun it the water quickly took us in and wouldn't let go. It was me, my sister, and six other cousins of ours. A huge wave crashed over us and almost knocked the wind out of me. We all kicked as hard and as fast as we could, but that seemed to make us go in the opposite direction of the shore. We were calling for help, as loud as you can when your stuck in water that is taller than you and you have diminishing energy. I distinctly remember holding Francesca's  hand and being smacked in the face, wave, after wave, after wave. I also remember her screaming over and over again for help. Eventually all the cousins held hands. Through a breaking wave I saw the life guards trying to get to us, but they were struggling the same way we were. One last kick threw my shoe to the ocean floor as a life guard hastily grabbed my hand. Because we all had been holding hands we made a human chain with me being the connecter of the life guard and all my cousins. After what felt like forever we started to come closer to the shore. My parents were waiting at the edge of the water freaking out. Once my feet felt land I fell to the ground like my legs were jello. I hugged my dad and he carried me to our spot on the beach. Everyone was fine, just a little shaken up. Even though that whole thing happened, we all ended up going back in the water. My mom was against it but we weren't scared. We all knew that something like getting caught in ripe tides, happens to everyone.