Monday, November 18, 2013

Collecting Artists

All of the people on the list are collecting artists, which is using large amounts of different, or the same things, to create one great work of art. Some people without the "artistic eye" don't quite get it, its just a bunch of stuff in one place... why does anyone care? Depending on the artist, materials used, how they're placed and the end product is how it would be determined if it is art or junk. For example it would be more likely for a well known artist such as Andy Warhol to put a bunch of random stuff together into a work of art and have it be called art than say me, a random kid in New Jersey. Then the subject of hoarding comes up with some collecting artists such as Karsten Bott, a man who intends to collect one of everything. Could this be hoarding? Sure. Could this be art? Absolutely! [ in my personal opinion anything can be art if you try hard enough and really want to say something (: ] Now, I don't know about you but when I think of hoarding, I think of an unlivable home space where all different things are never thrown away and the person involved is just obsessed with not getting rid of anything because it all has meaning to them. When I think of collecting I think of something that has a meaning to the person collecting, its a lot of the same things in some cases, and the collection isn't threatening their life. Just a few things to think about. The next time you see a pile of stuff, take a picture of it and see if it gets famous. :) <3

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