Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Time Capsule Blog Post

The items I put in my box are each special to me in a different way. Honestly I don't think a lot of them were special when I first got them but they are now. All these items make me really happy when I look at them. My personal 3 favorites are the silly bands, because looking at them reminds me of how grateful I was to my parents when I got them and it reminds me to appreciate them more. I put a tag from a pair of shoes I got this year, they are from Rue 21 and I got them for the first time I sang with the jazz band this year and went out of my comfort zone, the tag makes me kind of proud. And last i put a broken camera memory card that has all the first pictures I ever took on my first nice camera, I was taking those pictures when I started to consider photography as an occupation and it makes me really happy. It also reminds me of my sister and the strong bond we created this year and I can't wait to see the pictures 20 years from now.

End Of The Year Reflection Post

This year has been one of my most enjoyable art classes ever. The assignments that we got were challenging and all the different areas of art we got to experience were very interesting. My favorite was absolutely the mixed media.  At the beginning of each assignment I thought to myself that this would be the one that I wouldn't be able to do. But I am extremely pleased to say that I surprised myself every time and was proud of the work that I was putting out. The biggest thing I learned was not to doubt myself before we even got the materials to start working and to just go with the flow of my creative thoughts.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Totem Pole Story

     It was a pretty windy day, and when your parents tell you not to do something it almost goes in one ear and out the other. We were just trying to have some fun it the water quickly took us in and wouldn't let go. It was me, my sister, and six other cousins of ours. A huge wave crashed over us and almost knocked the wind out of me. We all kicked as hard and as fast as we could, but that seemed to make us go in the opposite direction of the shore. We were calling for help, as loud as you can when your stuck in water that is taller than you and you have diminishing energy. I distinctly remember holding Francesca's  hand and being smacked in the face, wave, after wave, after wave. I also remember her screaming over and over again for help. Eventually all the cousins held hands. Through a breaking wave I saw the life guards trying to get to us, but they were struggling the same way we were. One last kick threw my shoe to the ocean floor as a life guard hastily grabbed my hand. Because we all had been holding hands we made a human chain with me being the connecter of the life guard and all my cousins. After what felt like forever we started to come closer to the shore. My parents were waiting at the edge of the water freaking out. Once my feet felt land I fell to the ground like my legs were jello. I hugged my dad and he carried me to our spot on the beach. Everyone was fine, just a little shaken up. Even though that whole thing happened, we all ended up going back in the water. My mom was against it but we weren't scared. We all knew that something like getting caught in ripe tides, happens to everyone. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Fortune Cookie Book Page Response

"Your future is as boundless as the loft of heaven." I felt that this was the hardest project for  me because I had a very loose plan of action. Also while working on I was glad that I messed it up a little bit because it gave me the idea to add color and I think it adds more depth to the picture. I chose that fortune cookie because I felt like that fortune gave me the most meaning. The ways there was meaning to me was, what will my future turn out to be? Will it be clear? Who will be in it? Who will I have watching over me? And for me I tried to incorporate those questions into my art. The forest with the person sized hole in it is to represent heaven and the future or what could become of it, then I did a transfer of a human to fit that spot as if fitting into the future but still unsure, then put the transfer of the eye in the middle to represent someone always watching over me and I also made the eye deep in rolled back tissue paper and modeling paste to make you look for it because you cant always tell who is watching over you, then I painted the whole piece a dingy pink color because it pops and makes it harder for the eye to choose what to look at, that's also why I put tissue paper in certain spots all around because no one can predict their future so it is not clear. 

Art x 3 Response

This assignment was really interesting because when it was explained to me I was really excited, then when we started to get into it I realized we weren't working together with two other people in our class and I was confused so it was explained in a different way. One person was to start on the assignment and a person from a different class would get it and work on it a little more and then it would reach its final person in another class. The last person had to finish it as their own work. I personally had a tough time giving away my first collage because I was super excited about my first idea and wasn't taking into account of the fact that I wasn't going to be the one finishing the piece. The second time I got a piece I had to ultimately give up I was more accepting and less attached to the piece. The final collage was difficult at first to start because I wasn't sure what to with a profile and a few different words but as I got more into it made more sense to what I was trying to portray. This assignment reminded me of "when life hands you lemons make lemonade" we were given a piece of art (lemons) and we had to figure out a way to deal with how to make it our own (lemonade). I think it taught me to work through not being able to figure something out at first glance. 

Pop Print Response

This process was probably the least challenging thing we have done this year. The item I chose was a Donald Duck phone case. I chose this item because I thought it was really cute and anything Disney reminds me of my family and my grandfather. It wasn't too hard too draw because it was already in cartoon form and it didn't have any very detailed sections to draw. After drawing a picture on a small piece of paper, you rub the pencil on a small piece of linoleum carving stamp. The imprint of the drawing will show on the carving stamp. Then after bolding the lines on the stamp, you carve out of the it with a tool that comes in skinny to fat sizes. The carving process was not only addicting but it was my favorite part because it is very peaceful and less messy than the printing. The printing was also very fun. There were lots of different colors of ink and paper. The inking process was taking a small rolling pin type device and rolling whatever color ink onto the stamp and stamping an assortment of colored paper. The only process that took a long time was cleaning the ink tray, otherwise it was a speedy and gratifying project because so many different products were able to be made in a short time.